Smartphones with the KeepSafe PIN screen

The simple way to
keep personal things
to yourself

A blurry photo of two students walking together Portrait of a young woman

"Now my little sister
really stays out
of my business"

A blurry photo of passports sitting on a map KeepSafe

"I keep a copy of
my passport and cards,
in case I lose them"

A blurry photo of kids playing soccer Portrait of a middle aged woman

"Having a safe place
for my kid's pictures
makes me feel better"

A blurry photo of man lifting weights Portrait of an athletic man

"I track my fitness progress
but my friends don't
need to see it all"

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Lock photos and videos on your iPhone and Android.

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You should decide who sees what on your smartphone.

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Never lose your stuff

With KeepSafe Plus, you can restore your content on all your devices.

Careers at KeepSafe

KeepSafe is solving consumer privacy for the digital future.

We are a small team based in San Francisco, backed by great investors. Over 20 million customers trust in our products and we're only getting started!

If you are talented, driven and want to make a real difference, we want to talk to you. We need help especially in these areas:

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Making a good app is easy. To make a truly great app, we have to push the boundaries set by mobile frameworks. We go out of our way to make our mobile clients fast, secure and beautiful.

Your challenge: build technology, tools and product for mobile that delights users. Implement on-the-fly encryption so fast, no one notices what effort we go through behind the scenes. Pay attention to detail so users immediately get that this is a five star product.


  • Mobile client implementation
  • Mobile encryption
  • Sync algorithms
  • Iterate to perfect speed and user experience
  • Expand mobile developer toolset


To build great products, make what people want.

Your challenge:  without breaching any privacy, measure where we can improve and how. Are we delivering value? What type of usage and user do we deliver the most value to?

We determine product sucess by usage and iterate based on data insight. Build the infrastructure that enables us to see more and make better decisions.


  • Data capture
  • Analytics infrastructure
  • Insight generation
  • Product development


Being in control is hard and complicated for normal human beings. We solve hard technology problems to make their lives easier.

Your challenge: build the infrastructure to bring privacy and security technology to non-expert consumers. The secure cloud platform we are building is only the start. We are creating tools to enable fast product iterations, and inventing ways to prevent copying. We are creating file formats that make perfect copies impossible. Join us to build the platform for the privacy needs of everyday life.


  • Cloud backend and storage
  • Scaling to support a global cloud of mobile endpoints
  • Fast mobile sync protocols
  • Security engineering & cryptography


In a digital world, the meaning of privacy changes. How does a new generation manage their personal space? What does an intuitive solution look like and how does it differ based on content and context? What visuals work best in a privacy workflow?

Your challenge: think ahead and define what KeepSafe's future product solutions look like. Own product design top to bottom from research to prototyping to UX and UI.


  • User research
  • Product research
  • User experience
  • User interface design

Why work with us?

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KeepSafe is taking off and you can help shape our success by joining our close-knit team. We want to hire people who want to build a great product and also define and build our culture, our team and ultimately our success. When you join, you will get to see and impact every aspect of the business. At KeepSafe everything you do counts.


KeepSafe's current success shows how one specific solution design can create millions of happy customers. We're setting out to provide a solution to a fundamental problem. We want to create a service for people to control their privacy in the digital future, in a way that is natural and easy.


KeepSafe is the hardest we've worked in our lives but this is also the most productive and fun time we've ever had. That's because we have the freedom to work in a way that suits us best. You should too. Make an impact. You're free to decide how. You are free to decide with what tools. You are free to decide what equipment you need.


We have over 13 million customers and we are backed by strong investors but our team is still very small. Now is a rare opportunity to join a startup with significant traction and still be early enough to come along for the full ride.

Longboards & Beer

Before thinking about starting a company together, Philipp and Zouhair were already close friends over their mutual interest in beer. We make sure that our fridge is always stocked. When a friend left his board in our office, we discovered that starting skating at age 30 is not so hard and we fell in love with longboarding. When you join, a board will be waiting for you.

How we work

It's only work when you're not having fun. At KeepSafe, we're maximizing for fun.

Everyone on this team wants to make this the best time in their lives, the most successful, the most productive but first and foremost it should be the most fun. We have fun building a product we love, we have fun working with each other, and we definitely have fun when sharing one (or maybe one too many) beers!

Our challenge lies in creating the service that people use to control their privacy in the digital future, in a way that is natural, easy and intuitive. Our challenge lies in creating products that address real, specific needs without users feeling all the work we're doing behind the scenes to connect, protect their data and make it more useful.

We are product builders and we want to make users happy. Our success comes from our drive to learn and improve. Build, learn, improve, repeat.

Who we are

  • Zouhair Belkoura

    Zouhair Belkoura
    Founder, CEO

    Zouhair is a serial entrepreneur with an academic past. For his EE PhD, Zouhair researched novel video coding algorithms that reduce compression computations by 90% on mobile devices.

    He went on to build an online retail company ( and brought it to several million in revenue before the exit. Aside from success, he also took away expertise on women's underwear, so ask for fashion advice.

    At KeepSafe, Zouhair contributes code, image processing expertise and infectious success drive.

    "I'd rather be surfing" is his preferred motto but you'll find him at the office more often than at the beach. Zouhair drinks Beck's but other beers will also do.

  • Philipp Berner

    Philipp Berner
    Founder, CTO

    Descending from a family of entrepreneurs, Philipp has been working on startups ever since graduating in Computer Science. His academic research was in graph visualization algorithms to make data useful.

    After that he started ViCommerce ( a company building video players that allowed people to click and buy items in a video. Luckily he never had to use any of Zouhair's codecs.

    Philipp competes to win - in Sailing and in Startups and came to the Bay Area to compete in the world's best environment for both.

    At KeepSafe he spends most of his time in the Android code base. Philipp ships code like a machine but if you're looking for a way to distract him from software, just ask about Sailing. He'll talk your ear off. Philipp is Bavarian, drinks beer and has never missed a day of Oktoberfest in his life.

  • Hilal Alsibai

    Hilal Alsibai

    Hilal is the young genius talent that legends are made of. Love of video games made him teach himself C++, OpenGL, 3D imaging algorithms at an age of 13.

    He has lived in California for the majority of his life and is now in the Bay Area. Currently, Hilal develops for the core Android application and loves all the low level stuff. Yell "NDK" or "C++", and he jumps out of his chair, ready to do great things.

    Aside from hacking away at a keyboard, Hilal enjoys various activities which include skateboarding, video games, camping, art and being a music hipster.

  • Jeff Young

    Jeff Young
    UI/UX Designer

    Jeff is the ever sought-after unicorn designer with a skill-set ranging from ideation to software implementation.

    He is a graduate of Stanford's Design program and previously has done work for Google, Dropbox, Hyundai, Fitbit and many other Silicon Valley startups.

    With a background in art and product design, his vocation now is to create intuitive and delightful experiences. His process involves a lot of sketching and paper prototyping.

    Jeff's mad coding skills let him implement all his designs for web or for the Android client. Our engineers just love this.

    If you ask him to draw you a robot he will, as he is constantly putting them on whatever is lying around. Jeff enjoys different beers for different occasions, but will never turn down a good ale.

  • Nikolay Kim

    Nikolay Kim

    Nikolay is a true snake charmer with more than ten years of expertise in Python. He also works with Guido, the inventor of Python, on tulip, an async IO library that will be part of standard Python in version 3.4.

    At KeepSafe Nikolay is building the backend, supercharing the team's development speed and scalability.

    Nikolay moved to the US about 4 years ago, and to San Francisco in 2012. He has a wife and two beautiful daughters, and is quite happy.

  • Ben Bader

    Ben Bader

    Ben has gone from Computer Science graduate to being a true startup veteran. He was the Lead Server Engineer at Syncplicity, played a major role at Square integrating Starbucks (think of him next time you buy a Latte there), and was most recently a Lead Mobile Engineer at Rdio.

    Proficient in backend software development as well as Android and Windows Phone, Ben is a true street fighter who will knock out any task you throw at him.

    On the side he built a dependency injection framework for C#, called Stiletto. Check out his Github

    With a background in music as well as computers, he divides his time between the keys of a computer and the keys of a piano. When not typing or playing, he enjoys the fine beers of Germany and Belgium, with a special fondness for the brews of Ayinger.

  • Sadaf Ayub

    Sadaf Ayub
    Office Manager

    Sadaf is a native Californian who is excited to be back in her home state after spending time living in Boston, Barcelona, Washington DC, and Montana.

    She came from Bain to KeepSafe to be the 'glue' that holds the office and team together. With Sadaf on board, everything and everyone at KeepSafe is running like clockwork.

    She studied journalism at BU and her first real job was covering college football on TV, although she now prefers cheering from the stands over working on the sidelines. Her favorite beer is Cantillon Kriek.

  • Adam


    Adam is a physicist and mathematician turnedSoftware Engineer. At KeepSafe he's focusing on Android and general Software Development.

    A true renaissance man, Adam can't help learning anything he can about any topic that catches his interest, from computers, math, and science to language, music, and games. He studied physics, math, Japanese, and music at the Texas Academy of Mathematics and Science and the University of Oklahoma before pursuing Software Engineering independently. He also spent a summer studying Japanese at Ritsumeikan University in Kyoto, Japan.

    In his free time, Adam enjoys playing the new office piano, MMO gaming, watching anime, and a good game of Go. A native Texan, he can't say no to a glass of Dr Pepper or Shiner Bock.

  • Eric


    Eric is a native Texan and Stanford graduate. After working in product management at a number of Silicon Valley tech companies, he saw the light and is now putting his coding axe back to work.

    At KeepSafe Eric is focused on iOS software development.

    When he's not busy working, he enjoys traveling, exploring new restaurants, and vegging out on Netflix. Eric is a fan of Japanese beers and cranberry vodkas.

  • Anne Dorman

    Anne Dorman

    Anne is a 4th generation Californian, who has lived in San Francisco since before Zouhair and Philipp were born.

    At KeepSafe, Anne is responsible for all things except engineering and for keeping Zouhair and Philipp entertained with arcane business processes.

    Aside from working with Silicon Valley startup companies, Anne enjoys third world travel, spending time with her family, and cruising in her custom VW bus.


  • Arthur van Hoff

    Arthur van Hoff

    Arthur is a serial entrepreneur but remains a techie through and through. He was one of the original developers of the Java language. Since his Sun days, Arthur has founded multiple successful companies, including Marimba and Zing. He also held CTO and lead engineering positions at Flipboard, TiVo and Dell. At KeepSafe, Arthur saves the team from making the stupid mistakes. Sometimes they call him too late, though. He likes sailing, just like Philipp. Arthur drinks beer, too.

  • Andy Johns

    Andy Johns

    Andy is the Growth Guru of Silicon Valley. He's worked on user growth and engagement as a product manager and internet marketer at Facebook, Twitter and Quora. Currently, he's an Entrepreneur in Residence at Greylock where he helps their companies figure out how to grow faster.At KeepSafe, Andy shares his thinking on how to make the graphs point up and to the right. He's an avid kickboxer too but the team is still waiting for the first coaching session. Andy drinks any beer that is cold.

  • David Rusenko

    David Rusenko

    David is the co-founder and CEO of Weebly. He was named to Forbes' 30 under 30 list, is a part-time DJ and has traveled to over 20 countries. At KeepSafe, David helps shaping monetization strategy and makes the team think bigger. His favorite beer is Racer 5 IPA.